Meet our Coaches



Luke runs the Up 4 Sport camps alongside a great team of coaches. He has gained years of experience in coaching children during his full time roll as a Karate instructor at USKO karate. He volunteered at Badsey first school as a teaching assistant for 6 months which he loved. He lives and breathes sport. Growing up he took part in as many different types as he could. He teaches hundreds of children karate across the midlands!! He has coached at many schools in Worcestershire.Currently running breakfast & after school clubs at St Andrews, Bengeworth, St Richards, Mickleton & Badsey.

He feels extremely lucky and privileged to be able to his hobby for a Job!


Sophie has been running the Up 4 Sport camps with Luke from the very start. She has a wealth of experience when it comes to working with children. She is the Assistant Headteacher at Mickleton Primary School. She has a first class honours degree in Sports Coaching and Education. Like Luke and the rest of the Up 4 Sport team, Sophie is sport mad!! She has taken part in many different types of sport whilst growing up.  She has experience in coaching football as well as many other sports. She has also been teaching karate at USKO for years and has worked along side Luke. This has helped create a fantastic partnership ensuring the children at Up 4 Sport have a brilliant time whenever at our camps.


Michael '16' is one of Up 4 Sports assistants. He takes part in many different sports including, football, rugby, karate as well asothers. He is a trusted member of the team, we know this because we have had the pleasure of watching him work his way up to black belt over years at USKO Karate. He is keen to learn, is brilliant with the children and by assisting at our Up 4 Sports camps we have no doubt he will grow up to be an exceptional coach. 


Jack '18' is another  Up 4 Sport assistant. He has been volunteering coaching at  USKO karate over the last year. He is another who we have seen show great dedication in karate over years of training to reach his black belt. So like Michael he has become a valuable and trusted member of our  Up 4 Sport team. His passion to learn and fun and helpful nature makes him brilliant to have around the camps for both coaches and children.




Josh is an Up 4 Sport assistant at our camps. Like all our coaches he very keen on sports.He loved attending sports camps when he was younger and wants to ensure children who attend ours enjoy them just as much.He is highly  involved in USKO karate, having trained since the age of 5. He like all our team is at black belt level.  He now teaches at USKO's club grading courses. He is also Luke's older brother. Having had years of experience in teaching large groups of children,he is a very reliable and trusted coach at Up 4 Sport.


Ed is Luke's Dad and he is also an assistant at Up 4 Sport. Ed has been teaching children for over 30 years and is very passionate about ensuring they receive the best possible coaching. He taught all our team of coaches karate. He is the chief instructor at USKO karate. Alongside Luke, he has been into schools in Evesham and Stratford to do teacher lesson cover. He has also helped run some fantastic after school clubs. Like the rest of us, he is sport mad. He has taught us all how to take classes/camps/clubs in a controlled but fun approach, which has always led to all of us receiving great respect off of the children and parents.


Steph has joined our Up4Sport team this year !! She has lots of experience working with children. She works as a Lunch time supervisor & Voluntary Teaching Assistant at Swan Lane First School in Evesham. Like the rest of the team she is passionate about sport !! She has recently passed her 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate & has now started teaching alongside Luke & Ed at their USKO karate clubs. This has helped create a fantastic working relationship with Luke & the rest of the Up4Sort team . She is also a mum of 2 boys!! One of which is another Up4Sport assistant Coach Leon !! We love that this is a family run sports camp & this falls in line perfectly with that. All these attributes make her a very popular coach with the kids & another great coach on our top team !! 



Leon '14' is one of our Up4Sport assistant coaches !! He's very passionate about sport !! He is a trusted member of our team, we know this as we have had the pleasure of teaching him at our USKO Karate clubs, watching him grow up & earning his 1st Dan Black belt in Karate. He is keen to learn, he's great with the children & by assisting with our Up4Sport Camps we have no doubt he will become a exceptional coach. 


Daisy '14' joined our Team this summer 2019 !! She is an assistant coach at Up4Sport!! She is a reliable , trusted coach, we know this because like all our other coaches Daisy attends our USKO Karate clubs. Daisy has the right character to make a fantastic coach. She's great with children, she loves sport and we have no doubt by continuing assisting at our Camps she will become an exceptional coach.



Lauren '16' is an assistant coach at Up4Sport !! She loves sport!! Lauren is a reliable , trusted member of our team !! We know this because we have seen her grow up at our USKO Karate clubs !! She has been learning karate for years & is now 2nd Dan Black belt !! Not only this she has been assisting Luke at one of his children's karate clubs for the past 18 months. She's great with children & I have no doubt that she will turn into an exceptional coach working with us at Up4Sport.



George is a Up4sport assistant coach !! He is also Lukes younger brother !! He loves all sports !! He loved attending sports camps when he was younger & wants to ensure children that attend Up4Sport camps enjoy them as much as he did growing up. He is highly involved in USKO karate, having trained since the age of 5. Like all our team George is at black belt level. He now teaches at USKO's karate clubs & grading courses. Having had years of experience in teaching large groups of children! He's a very reliable and trusted coach at Up 4 Sport.


Safety first

When leaving your children somewhere, the first priority is to know they are being left in a safe environment. I can assure you this is definitely the case at our Up 4 Sport camps.

Luke, Sophie, Steph, Jack, George, Ed and Josh are all DBS/CRB checked and we have all the relevant insurances required. Up 4 Sport staff are also first aid trained.

Leon, Daisy, Lauren & Jack all coach at our camps for work experience, we ensure we are working closely with them.

When we started running our Up 4 Sports camps, we were very strong in our view that only those who we have known and trusted over a long period of time will be coaching for us.

This is to ensure quality coaching , professionalism and safety first.

We've also done this because we know each other strengths and by working together we can guarantee the children will leave our camps happy and safe.

At Up4Sport our lead coaches are regularly trained in child protection and safeguarding to ensure that your children's needs always come first. At Up4Sportwe make sure we have the correct procedures in place & are followed. Our online booking system for holiday camps ensure that we will always have the information we need to keep your children safe and secure at all times.

Our designated Safeguard leads are 

Luke Mountney

Sophie Condon

Josh Mountney

If you have any questions about our child protection and safeguarding procedure you can contact us via our email.

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